Kitchen Sink | Choices & Trends In Halton Region


Kitchen Sink | Choices & Trends In Halton Region

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The Kitchen Sink

Most any new kitchen sink can and will fulfill its basic function of holding water without leaking. They will function as a holding place for dirty dishes, be an excellent place to wash foods that need cleaning and a wide array of other routine kitchen chores. Surely however there is more to such an important centerpiece of activity in the family kitchen; and of course, there is.

The real value of a kitchen sink and what separates excellence from average is in its utility, durability, style, and function. A sink that is too shallow will spew water around your kitchen countertops. Some materials will stain, others may be susceptible to heat damage and still other scan chip or scratch.

The Sink Is A Centerpiece

The kitchen sink is one of the centerpieces of your new kitchen in terms of both style and function. The different designs each have their advantages and disadvantages. A deep single bowl has different attributes than a twin sink. A farmer’s sink will look fabulous in some kitchen countertops and less suitable with others.

Choosing A Kitchen Sink

Like all kitchen renovation plans that turn out well, choosing a sink requires careful consideration of the overall design and intended focus of your new kitchen. Is the sink you admire the right choice for the countertops and materials you have chosen? Bringing your whole kitchen renovation project together to a successful conclusion requires ensuring all the major pieces are well chosen including kitchen cabinets, countertops and the kitchen sink.

Kitchen Sink Designs and Styles

Design decisions such as double bowl and single bowel are usually simpler to make and directly related to use preference by the homeowner, you probably already know which type you prefer to work with.

Once you have chosen a large single bowl, equal double bowl, offset double bowl, low divide bowl, or farmers sink, your next decision will be materials.

Deciding on the right materials for your new kitchen sink will affect the actual use and durability of one of the most used areas of your entire kitchen. You may not cook every day, but you absolutely will use your sink every single day.

Materials & Durability

The most durable and maintenance free kitchen sink material is stainless steel.  There are many other choices to choose from including enamel over steel, solid surfacing, acrylic, porcelain and also tempered glass. Each has its own pro’s and con’s, however many of the above materials can be cracked, chipped or damages by heat. Stainless steal is resistant to all except for possibly denting, but it would have to be an unusual event to dent a stainless-steel sink.

Mounting Your Kitchen Sink

The mounting options for your new kitchen sink are also varied. Some mounting methods look better than others depending on the kitchen countertops you have chosen.  An under mount sink has no lip on the countertop so sweeping crumbs, water and food residue into the sink is easier than if top mounted. On the other hand, top mounts tend to be more budget friendly and do not require solid countertops such as Granite or Quartz.

Kitchen Sink Trends In Halton Region

There is definitely a trend in choices going on here in Halton Region. Here are some of the trends we are seeing in the Burlington, Hamilton, and Stoney Creek areas.

Material Choices

The 1st choice for kitchen sink material in Halton Region is Stainless Steel.

Trend: Quartz is the kitchen sink material that is gaining ground as a great but more expensive material choice and has become very popular.

Design Choices

1st place choice for kitchen sink design type is a tie between large single and equal double kitchen sinks, it is just about exactly a 50-50 split between these two!

Trend: Farmers sink. Chosen by about 30% of Halton Region homeowners, it is a more expensive but popular and growing style option.

Mount Choices

1st Place mounting option: Under mount for both double and single stainless steel sinks. Solid countertops such as Granite or Quartz are a must have to install an under mount but the look and convenience are highly desirable.

Trend:  Flat bottom sinks. A fast growing trend for new kitchen sinks in Halton Region right now are flat bottom sinks. After years of rounded bowls, homeowners in Stoney Creek, Hamilton and Burlington are making the move to these very attractive looking sinks.

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