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Affordable bathroom renovations, upgrades and additions in your local Burlington and Hamilton areas.

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You use your bathroom a lot, make it special.

Are you ready to remake that old bathroom of yours? Then come to Zzone Homes Inc in Burlington and Halton Area, where we offer excellence in bathroom renovations.

Maybe your bathroom tiles are worn and chipped. Or perhaps your sinks are showing signs of wear and tear. No matter your reason for wanting bathroom renovations, at Zzone Homes Inc, we're ready to take on your upcoming project.
Creative Solutions
At Zzone Homes Inc, our bathroom renovation services are designed to meet your specific needs. We want to help you create the ideal bathroom, all the while sticking to a budget that works for you. At Zzone Homes Inc, no job is too big or too small, and when you come to us, you'll benefit from our contractors' bathroom remodeling expertise.

To see how we can transform your bathroom or to schedule an appointment for an on-site estimate, call us today.
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• Fully Insured
• Free Estimates
• Cost Control Experts
• Prompt Project Completion
• We Offer 3D Rendering of Space During Initial Consultation - See What You're Going to Get Before We Start!

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See the results, before we even start.

Our clients favourite part next to the final product is seeing their future renovation in 3D. This is a service that we uniquely offer to all of our clients. So what are you waiting for?

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We carefully plan every inch of your new bathroom.

We carefully plan out every options you want into a blue print showing placement of all addons, options and cabinet accessories.

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Every Zzone Homes renovation comes with a free 3D rendering of the complete renovations. Visualize before you begin.

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