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Searching for the top Basement Renovation Hamilton services? Look no further than Zzone Homes! When it comes to basement renovations, these projects often encompass all elements of remodeling found in other areas of your home. A typical Basement Renovation Hamilton project might include adding a kitchen, wet bar, bathroom, living area, bedroom, and even a separate entrance. As such, our talented team of expert designers and skilled tradespeople, including 3D designers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tilers, and kitchen and cabinetry specialists, work together to bring your vision to life.

Additionally, our structural team is ready to step in for more complex tasks like moving load-bearing walls, creating walkouts, or relocating load-bearing columns. With over 20 years of experience, Zzone Homes has the expertise and knowledge necessary to design, build, and renovate your dream custom basement. Don’t wait any longer – get in touch with us now to consult with a specialist for your upcoming Basement Renovation Hamilton project!

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Basement Renovations Hamilton Done Right

There are also several fixes specific to basement renovation that absolutely must be carried out prior to beginning the renovation. This is to ensure your new basement looks just as good years from now as the day we completed it.

These basement potential problems must be attended to prior to any work being carried out on your basement renovation to ensure the work stays intact:

  • Our team will test for moisture & rot problems that can lead to long term damage. If found, especially in structural floor components (ceiling if standing in the basement) they must be addressed. Inspect any wooden framed windows for integrity and moisture leakage.
  • Inspect structural integrity of floor joists and header joists.
  • Inspect existing ventilations systems including gas systems, furnace and other sources of carbon monoxide.
  • Inspect all walls for water damage and repair and seal any walls that my cause water leakage in future. Our own structural team will inspect any wall with serious cracks and provide a real solution.
  • We like to install a moisture barrier directly to the foundation wall before framing. This barrier allows the foundation to breathe but at the same time, it protects all the new building material from moisture caused by condensation.

Once the above work is done we are in a position of providing you an accurate estimate that is fully guaranteed and you have the comfort of knowing that your new basements will be designed and built by pros and that it was built to last to standards that probably exceed your original home construction. We ensure your basement renovation meets or exceeds Ontario Building Code standards.

Our Best Basement Renovations Hamilton Practices

When we start your basement renovation, there are several best practices that we automatically recommend on every job big or small. Here are a few things that we think every homeowner should consider when paying for a basement renovation.

  • Insulate all basement piping prior to building around them or sealing them off.
  • We recommend only moisture proof materials for walls, drywall and flooring
  • Water Control: A main sump pump and battery operated back up sump pump in case of electrical failure. If you are connected to your city water line, then ensure that a water-powered backup pump is in place. (we handle all of this)
  • High ceilings in the basement are extremely useful. We have the structural team in place to add 2 feet to your ceiling by going down deeper and laying a new concrete base for your basement with full structural integrity for your home.

Know What To Build In Your Basement

Prior to working with our vaunted 3D design software and basement design team it is important that you spend some time considering what you want to accomplish with your new basements and how the family will use it. We designed and built literally every style and kind of basement that you can think of.

Here are a but a few basement renovations and their purposes we have built for family at different stage of family development.

Basement Renovations Most Popular With Younger Families

Young families often focus on lifestyle changes for their home when renovating their basements. Here are some popular choices young homeowners in the Hamilton & Burlington area are making for basement renovations that suit a young family lifestyle.

Home Theater

Family TV and theater event room. Usually this type of basement renovation is looking for some wide-open spaces to allow comfortable lounging and watching a big screen for family movie time and major sports events. Washrooms and a small kitchen (or at least a wet bar) are usually mandatory for this type of design.

Kids Play Area

Do you have budding sports stars in the family, a place required for kids Stanley Cup playoffs that don’t destroy the artwork in the living room? Then you may need a basement renovation that can handle the energy for growing family where children can play safely and have friends over for a great time and you know where they are and what they are doing.

Family Room

If the upstairs lignin room a more formal room for adult entertainment and not a real family room where everyone can relax and be themselves. Is falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV not really what the more formal living room is made for? Then a basement family room that is more of a secret family only room that is off limits to visitors is where everyone can be themselves.

Mature Families Prefer These Basement Renovations

Families that now have older children that don’t need kid’s safe space find these basement renovations more enticing, and perhaps more suitable for a family with grown children whose parents now want to reclaim the basement for themselves.

Wine Cellar

If you are a wine lover or even if you are just starting your wine collection you know that you don’t just stick a rack in the corner of a moisture ridden basement and throw your wine bottles in it. There are a wide range of things to be considered when building a wine cellar in your basement and we understand all of them from moisture controls to choosing room shapes, racking heights, tables, arches, cabinets and we can even build the custom cabinetry ourselves.

We can prepare the room to avoid rapid temperature swings, avoid sunlight, ban fluorescent lighting, build the correct vapor barriers, ensure sealed concrete floors, furring the walls and installing the correct doors. We know what is required and can supply 3d design plans for your basement wine cellar.

Home Bar & Adult Game Room

Whether it a pool game with the boys, a book club, Tupperware party, game night with friends a basement bar and sports room is a lot of fun for adults to let off steam, enjoy watching or playing a game and without worrying about a spilt drink on fine furnishings. If it’s a man cave or femme den is up to you, but either way it is a great place to enjoy friends’ company.

Home Gym

The ultimate home gym in a basement includes lost of open space for equipment so that there is room to move between exercises, easy of access into the basement so that larger pieces of equipment can be easily moved into and out of the gym, a wet bard and mini kitchen for refreshment and of course a walking open shower to clean up after a heavy workout.

Depending on the extend of gym you want it may take up the whole basement if you want a professional level gym or less than half if it is just a to keep to a daily routine. Either way our 3d design software and basement designers can bring your dream home gym to life and soundproof it so that it does not disturb other family members in the home.

Older Families Have Different Priorities

More mature family in Hamilton and Burlington are often re-purposing their basements for these purposes.


Are children away at college and you are looking for additional income to pay for all that? Then a fully finished basement apartment with private entrance might just pay for it all. Throughout southern Ontario there is a housing shortage. More and more today young professionals are renting basement apartments while in lager cities like Burlington or Hamilton. Perhaps you are ready to get in on this income opportunity. If you are, we have some proven ideas on how to build it while maximizing privacy to the rest of your home.

Ensuite for in-laws

If mom and dad are getting on and need some family assistance there is nothing quite like a private basement suite that gives both them and your privacy while keeping you within reach when really needed. To you want to be there for them yet still have freedom and privacy? Then our custom designed in-law suites meet both needs with super sound proofing and guaranteed privacy, yet you are within steps of each other when needed.

A child coming home needs a fresh start

You read the papers, you know what is going on form booth Millennials and the Z generation right now. Boomers are still working and the jobs many Millennials hoped to move up into just aren’t there which in turn is blocking the Z generation from taking a step. In some cases, this means a millennial or Z generation child might need to come home to re-school or make a new plan. Don’t put them back in a little kid’s room, give them the lift they need and establish as much privacy and dignity as possible with their own apartment in your new basement. Isn’t it better they are living in your basement than someone else’s? Give them that second crack at life from a great established base so they can feel good about going back out and winning the right spot in the world for themselves.

Office Space for Home workers

Has the stay at home spouse started a home-based business? IS either parent self employed or an on the road sales agent. Perhaps you really do need some quite space with all the office trappings that help make a professional environment to get work done Studies have shown that when working from home having a professional atmosphere and surroundings help to motivate home workers and reduces frustrations when an office environment is professional aid out.

Teenage Son or Daughter? Bachelor apartment!

Do you have a Teenage son or daughter that has outgrown a small room? Are they fighting for bathroom space with a much younger brother or sister? Consider a bachelor basement apartment that provides them with some semi-adult privacy and a quieter place to study plus the ability to have fronds over in a more mature environment. If you have a mature late teen son or daughter who is not ready to leave home but could use a little more personal space, this may be the ultimate answer. It is also an opportunity to give them the responsibility of upkeeping it and preparing them for when they may leave for college.

Our job is taking you from what if, to what is.

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