Basement Renovation Project Grimsby, Ontario


Basement Renovation Project Grimsby, Ontario

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Full Basement Renovation Project

With this post, we’re going to take a closer look at a basement renovation project that we helped a client complete from start to finish. Our team completed this basement renovation not too long ago in Grimsby, Ontario ( a part of the Hamilton Metropolitan Area ).

The Project Brief

Before we started designing and building this basement renovation project, it was entirely unfinished. As such, not only did it require a renovation, but it had to be tested for moisture or cracks in the foundation before the bulk of the work could begin.

The client wanted the basement finished as they were in need of extra living space to adjust for a growing family.  The basement offered plenty of space, so their wants for the project included a fireplace and entertainment centre, a bar area for him, office space for her, a legal bedroom for the grandparents when they came to visit. The clients also wanted the grandparents’ room to have its own 3-piece spa-like bathroom with features to match any luxury hotel.

Our customers understood that their basement had just as much potential to offer the livability of their home as any of the rest of the property. However, before we could draw out that potential, we had to lay the foundations and ensure that the basement could support their plans.

Project location: Grimsby, Ontario (Hamilton area) [gmap-embed id=”1394″]

Preparing for a full basement renovation project

The first phase of any basement renovation is, by necessity, inspection and testing. Taking a closer look, we had to ensure that there was no rot, moisture issues or foundation cracks that could do a lot of damage if not treated. We also did an extensive inspection of the existing mechanicals such as electrical, HVAC (heating and cooling systems) and plumbing.

What little damage we found, we repaired before framing the walls. This was done using a moisture barrier that was applied directly on the wall, allowing it to breathe, but ensuring that all the new construction materials we put in place we were protected from the risk of spreading moisture. Never undertake a basement renovation project without repairing all damage found.

After making sure the basement was safe came the step of making it livable. At this stage, we insulated the basement piping, sealing off what would remain visible after the project’s completion. For the rest, we built over them with moisture proof walls and flooring. This was done after we extended the amount of room that was available in the basement by going down a further 2 feet. By laying a new concrete base, we could ensure the complete structural integrity of the home while also offering a lot more room overhead.

Ensuring the highest quality finish

After the basement was finished and the foundation of the renovation was laid, we then looked to ensure that the new spaces of the home had the kind of livability and appeal that our clients were clearly looking for.

Ensuring the plumbing, electrics, and HVAC features were all in place was significant task in and of itself. Following that, we chose the best materials and products to complete the look and feel of their newly finished basement.

The fireplace

Adding a full fireplace to a basement renovation project takes some planning, but we managed to give the entertainment room it demanded with a Napoleon Allure wall-mounted electric fireplace. There was no need for a gas fitter, which made it much easier, and offered up to 5,000 BTUs spread over 400 sq. ft with a luxury look that added a lot of warmth and comfort to the space.

The bathroom

The clients wanted to emulate a luxury hotel through their bathroom, and that’s precisely what we aimed for, first of all with a 5-foot stand up large format shower enclosure, and a bespoke Stonewood vanity, offering sleekness and storage in one gorgeous package. To understand what my be involved in a bathroom renovation see one of our bathroom renovation project details.

The rest of this basement renovation project

We enlisted the help of the trusted experts from Sharp Cabinetry to build the fireplace wall unit, bar cabinets, and a brand-new bespoke office desk, specifically built to the working style and needs of the client. Meanwhile, they installed our Zzone Homes signature barn board fireplace mantel and custom barn board shelves.

A complete transformation for this Grimsby, Ontario basement project

Creating an office, bedroom, bathroom, entertainment room, and bar area out of a completely unfinished basement is no small order, but we managed to complete  the entire basement renovation project to the client’s specifications. Now, instead of a dank, empty basement, they have another complete floor to their home, all with the care and attention to design that Zzone Homes offers all of our clients.

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