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New kitchen cabinets can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen. At Zzone Homes, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading providers of kitchen cabinets in Burlington, we specialize in custom cabinetry and can assist with installation, renovation, and design.

As a trusted kitchen cabinet maker with over 17 years of experience, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life with high-quality custom cabinets. Contact us today to speak with a specialist!

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Why Custom Cabinets vs. Prefabricated Cabinets?

Imagine a kitchen that reflects your unique style and caters to your every need – a kitchen that is an extension of you. Our delighted clients have shared some of the main benefits they’ve experienced:

A Kitchen Personalized Just For You

With custom cabinets, the power is in your hands to create a kitchen that truly speaks to you. Choose from a vast array of materials, finishes, and hardware to craft a culinary masterpiece that matches your vision. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter designs and embrace a kitchen that radiates your personality and taste.

Maximize Every Inch of Space

Say goodbye to wasted space and hello to a kitchen that’s optimized for efficiency. Our expert team will meticulously measure and craft custom cabinets that flawlessly fit your kitchen’s unique layout. No more awkward gaps or wasted corners – every inch of your kitchen will be utilized for smart storage and organization. It’s like getting a kitchen renovation without the hassle!

Uncompromising Quality that Lasts

Your kitchen deserves the best, and we deliver nothing less! Our craftsmen pour their heart and soul into creating custom kitchen cabinets of unmatched quality. Using top-notch materials, each piece is built to endure the rigors of daily life, standing tall for years to come. Our commitment to excellence ensures you’ll cherish your kitchen for generations.

Designed for Your Convenience

Experience the luxury of a kitchen designed with you in mind. Your custom cabinets can be tailored to include clever features like pull-out shelves, built-in spice racks, and custom pantry solutions. Say hello to a kitchen that makes cooking a joy and keeps everything organized – no more hunting for ingredients or struggling to find space for your kitchen tools.

Zzone Homes' Custom Kitchen Cabinets Process

Creating kitchen cabinets that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional requires careful planning and attention to detail. At our company, we understand the significance of a well-thought-out design plan in bringing your kitchen vision to life.

Here are the steps we take to ensure your kitchen cabinets are perfect for you:

Step 1: Design Planning

  • Work closely with you to understand your preferences and style.
  • Take accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Select the perfect layout that complements your kitchen space and needs.
  • Ensure the design fits seamlessly into your budget.

Step 2: Material Selection

  • Offer a wide range of high-quality materials to enhance your kitchen’s look.
  • Guide you through the selection process to choose the right style and finishes.
  • Help you pick materials that align with your preferences and lifestyle.

Step 3: Installation

  • Skilled professionals take over the installation process.
  • Focus on efficiency and professionalism to complete the installation in a timely manner.
  • Maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Step 4: Customer Satisfaction

  • Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • We are committed to delivering exceptional results for your kitchen cabinets in Burlington.
  • Listen to your ideas and offer expert advice to bring your vision to reality.

Explore Diverse Materials for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to creating your dream kitchen, selecting the right materials for your custom cabinets is essential. At Zzone Homes, we offer a diverse array of high-quality materials, each with its unique characteristics, ensuring your kitchen reflects your personal style and meets your specific needs.

  1. High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) Cabinets: Crafted from small wood fiber particles mixed with wax and resins, HDF cabinets boast durability and stability. Unlike traditional wooden cabinets, they resist expansion and contraction caused by changes in humidity, ensuring a lasting and beautiful finish. Easy to design and paint, HDF cabinets can be customized to match the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.
  2. Solid Wood Cabinets: Timeless and luxurious, solid wood cabinets exude elegance and provide a lasting sense of beauty to your home. With a wide range of wood types, including oak, bamboo, cherry, birch, walnut, maple, pine, and hickory, you can choose the perfect wood to match your style. These cabinets are also highly durable and resistant to scratches and damage, making them a reliable investment.
  3. Plywood Cabinets: Familiar to most homeowners, plywood cabinets consist of thin sheets of wood (plies) glued together for enhanced sturdiness and durability. Offering the appearance of solid wood, plywood is an excellent choice for those who desire larger kitchen cabinets while maintaining a refined look.
  4. Melamine Cabinets: Ideal for those on a budget, melamine cabinets combine pressed wood, plywood, and a layer of heat-infused melamine resin. With a variety of color and styling pattern options, melamine cabinets allow you to customize your kitchen’s appearance. Easy to clean and maintain, they are a practical and stylish choice.
  5. Shaker White Cabinets: A beloved style among Burlington homeowners, shaker white cabinets bring vibrance and sophistication to any kitchen. Their clean lines and bright appearance create an inviting space where you can feel at home.

Whether you prefer classic elegance, modern simplicity, or something in between, our team will work closely with you to select the perfect materials for your custom kitchen cabinets in Burlington.

Comprehensive Custom Kitchen Cabinets Services in Burlington

At Zzone Homes, we are proud to offer a diverse selection of custom kitchen cabinets in Burlington. Our services cater to your unique needs, collaborating with our sister company for design, construction, and budgeting, ensuring a seamless cabinetry project.

Discover the following categories of kitchen cabinets we provide:

  1. Elegant Finishes:
    • Grey Kitchen Cabinets
    • White Shaker Cabinets
    • Black Kitchen Cabinets
    • Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets
  2. Functional Solutions:
    • Lazy Susan Cabinets
    • Pantry Cabinets and Cupboards
    • Kitchen Storage Cabinets
    • Kitchen Sink Cabinets
    • Kitchen Base Units
    • Kitchen Wall Cabinets
  3. Stylish Additions:
    • Kitchen Islands
    • Wooden Kitchen Cabinets
    • Modern Kitchen Cabinets
    • Traditional Kitchen Cabinets
    • Shaker Cabinets
  4. Customizable Options:
    • Affordable and Discount Kitchen Cabinets
    • Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets
  5. Space-Saving Designs:
    • Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Discover Our Top-Notch Services for Burlington, ON

We offer a wide range of complete home renovation services in Burlington. Our dedicated team is committed to turning your house into your dream home, offering top-notch craftsmanship and personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • Complete Home Renovations: From concept to completion, we handle every aspect of your home renovation project, providing a seamless and stress-free experience.
  • Basement Renovations: Transform your basement into a functional and inviting space, whether it’s a home theater, game room, or an extra living area.
  • Bathroom Renovations: Create a luxurious and relaxing bathroom sanctuary with our expert bathroom renovation services.
  • Kitchen Renovations: Beyond cabinets, our comprehensive kitchen renovations ensure every element of your kitchen complements your lifestyle.


What Should I Consider When Buying Kitchen Cabinets?

When buying kitchen cabinets, make sure to take the time to measure your kitchen space and think of some potential materials that would make sense for your kitchen’s design, and that fit within your budget. Also, take the time to determine what shape and size cabinets you would like as this can also impact the types of cabinets you can work with.

Do We Handle the Design and Installation of Custom Cabinets?

Yes! At Zzone Homes we work with our sister company Sharp Cabinetry to deliver top-quality cabinets that are professionally installed in your Burlington home kitchen by our team of experts.

Where can I find More Information about Your Services?

In addition to our various resources on our website, you can also check out our Google reviews and social media links below to stay up-to-date about all of our services and projects!

How Can I Get a Quote for My Kitchen Cabinetry Burlington Project?

If you are ready to get started with your design, build, and installation of custom cabinets, click here to contact us and we would be happy to help! You can also give us a call at +1 905-906-9152 or email us at 

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