Work With Our Top Pro Kitchen Designers


Work With Our Top Pro Kitchen Designers

Marco Manazzone

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Work with our Pro Kitchen Designers & 3D Software

The difference between almost getting what you wanted when undertaking your new Kitchen renovation and redesign and getting exactly what you dreamed of achieving all boils down to our professional kitchen designers and our 3D design software. No more guessing, not even “an estimate” but absolute accuracy designed, measured and made to fit the exact dimension of YOUR kitchen.

There are no surprises because you’ve already seen your new kitchen in our 3D software when you were working with one of our Pro Kitchen Designers. The last thing you want to do is have to try to correct your kitchen design on the fly, attempting to make what doesn’t fit work into a plan that never should have existed in the first place.

Complete Kitchen Planning

When we have completed your 3d plan with you everything is a known quality. We would never try to fit an appliance such as stove or refrigerator into your kitchen after the plan because the exact make and model of every device, fixture, screw and nail going into your kitchen has already been included and planned for right down to the light bulbs.

Yes, every light fixture and light bulb has been carefully chosen with you to ensure the kitchen works the way you want it to work. No hack jobs, no cutting corners, no patch jobs. Perfect. Every. Time. What you have envisioned is what we leave behind after we clean up, that is just one of the advantages of working with our professional kitchen designers and 3D software.

Protecting Family & Home

About cleaning up, let’s talk about protecting the rest of your home while building and installing your new kitchen. Before we start the actual renovation, we will section off the kitchen from the rest of the house to protect you, your family and your home from damage from dust, debris and transported materials.

Our Kitchen Designers Help With Selecting Cabinets

Everyone knows that kitchen cabinets are one of the things that can make or break a kitchen. Everyone also know that they can be the most expensive part of a kitchen. Kitchen cabinet installers also know that the cabinets can be one of the things that can go sideways the fastest.  If you knew how many kitchen cabinet installers butchered your kitchen cabinets to get them mounted, you’d stop sleeping at night. Cabinets that warped because they were assembled on site rather than pre-assembled.

Cabinets that were hacked because they didn’t actually fit how they were supposed to fit. Cabinets that are not mounted properly or are warp prone due to improper assembly may not show up as a big problem for a few years down the road. Three years in and the cabinets are not plumb on the wall. Doors are warped. Drawers no longer smooth on one side of the kitchen.

We have a unique way of solving that problem. Because you will have worked with one of our Pro Kitchen Designers, all your cabinets are selected and designed specifically for your kitchen to your 3D design and plan. They are preassembled by craftsman in the factory using professional equipment that could not even fit in your kitchen.

Pro Kitchen Designers & Custom Cabinets – Aren’t They Expensive?

Well, yes, they are custom cabinets and you do get a Professional Kitchen Designer to work with. And yes, they would be very expensive, but not for you. If the factory that makes them sold them to a kitchen cabinet distributor at a profit who then sold them to a kitchen cabinet installer that also made a profit installing them for you, you’d pay a fortune. But we don’t do that. You get them factory direct because they are made right next door to us by our sister company, working with the same 3D design software that you were when we planned your kitchen.

That’s why we can guarantee our product and our installation. And that’s why our prices can even embarrass IKEA. We aren’t shipping heavy wooden cabinets in from someplace in Europe. They are coming to your home from right here in Stoney Creek where we make them. In the very same building that you designed your kitchen and choose those cabinets.

Work With Our Top Pro Kitchen Designers

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