Top 10 Basement Upgrades for 2020


Top 10 Basement Upgrades for 2020

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Here Are Our Top 10 Basement Upgrades

Ever thought about getting more from your basement? You’ve been gifted with so much space at the bottom of your home, so you may as well take advantage of it! With a basement renovation, you can transform this unused space into something practical and gorgeous.

Need some inspiration? Here are the top 10 basement upgrades for 2020:

Wine Cellar

Who doesn’t love wine? Well, why don’t you give yourself some extra wine storage with a stunning wine cellar in your basement? Collect your favorite bottles, install a table for some wine tasting, and you’re good to go. With an idea like this, temperature control is essential. Be sure to work with our 3D designers to ensure you create the perfect room for your wine! A wine cellar is a very popular basement upgrade in Southern Ontario.

A Second Living Room

Do you often get into arguments with the rest of your family over who gets to watch TV in the living room? Maybe you feel like you need some extra space? Turn your basement into a second living room to get more space in your home. Fill it with comfy sofas, a new TV, and you can prevent those family arguments when one person wants to watch Netflix and the others want to watch the big game!

Laundry Room

Most homes aren’t equipped with dedicated laundry rooms. So, you’re left trying to wash and dry your clothes around the house. If you’re sick and tired of hanging clothes on an airer in your kitchen, then this is the perfect idea for you. Keep all your laundry in one place, freeing up space in your home.

Luxury Bathroom

This idea is very popular as people try and bring the feeling of a spa to their home. Renovate your basement and turn it into a new bathroom with a big hot-tub and fancy shower for the ultimate luxury basement upgrade. It can be a brilliant place to relax and unwind after a stressful week.


Got another child on the way? Or, maybe your kids are growing up, and you realize there’s no chance they can share a room anymore! Convert your basement into a spacious bedroom, and you’ve saved yourself the bother of moving to a bigger home. It’s a fantastic idea for families that keep on growing.

A Guest Suite

You’ve heard of guest bedrooms, but what about a guest suite? This is a funky trend where you make your basement into, well, a mini-hotel room for guests. They have a comfy bed, their own bathroom, and possibly even kitchen facilities. All of a sudden, your parents will want to visit every weekend! A guest suite is not just one of our top 10 basement upgrades, it’s also one of our top 10 return on investment ideas as well!

Home Theatre

Probably one of the most popular basement renovation ideas around. Turn this area into a dedicated cinema room for the family. You could be subtle and have a nice large sofa here, or you could go all out and have proper cinema-style chairs! There are lots of ideas in this area that we can discuss with you to provide some added inspiration.

Games Room

Again, games rooms are traditionally very trendy. Think about what games you like the most. Are you a billiard kind of person? Darts? Table Tennis? Video games? Stuff this room with all your favorite gaming activities, and it becomes the entertainment hub for the family. If you have enough space, then you can combine this with a home bar for added style. All your friends will be begging to come over every Friday for some fun!

Home Gym

If you love fitness, then few ideas are as excellent as this one. Why pay for a gym membership when you can bring the gym to you? Get your hands on all the gym equipment that’s relevant to you but be sure to pay close attention to the flooring. You’ll need special gym flooring for added protection as heavy weights can drop on the floor all the time.

A Rental Space – A Top 10 Basement Upgrade That Puts Cash In Your Pocket!

Lastly, you may be able to turn your basement into a small place for people to rent. Loads of families are cashing in on this idea as the demand for affordable living spaces goes up. Essentially, it’s a similar concept to the guest suite, only you make it more equipped for someone to live in. Then, people will pay to rent out this space, and you get money from them! It can either be used for permanent residency or perhaps as an AirBnB type thing. Of all our top 10 basement upgrades, this is the one that can return the investment the quickest.

Do You Have An Idea to Add To Our Top 10 Basement Upgrades List?

The best thing about basement renovation ideas is that they are so diverse! Yes. We’ve pinpointed our own top 10 basement upgrades, but there are still plenty more options we can explore with you! The way we see it, you should make the most of all the space you have in your home. So, if your basement just sits there collecting dust and cobwebs, then it’s time for one of these renovation ideas. Contact us to work with our professional 3D Design Group to plan the perfect basement upgrade for your home!

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