Kitchen Renovation Trends For 2020


Kitchen Renovation Trends For 2020

Marco Manazzone

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More Kitchen Renovation Trends

Following up from out recent post on kitchen design for 2020, we will now discuss the finishing touch steps that make our list of top kitchen renovation trends for 2020.

Top Kitchen Colour Trends For 2020

If you want to embrace one of the latest kitchen renovation trends for 2020  consider a splash of grey. With various hues available, you may prefer a soft grey to create a warm, welcoming environment or a stronger vivid grey in more modern kitchens.

As many kitchen appliances and natural stone worktops are available in silvers, greys and blacks, incorporating grey into the rest of your décor naturally complements your kitchen design.

Two-tone designs will be a popular kitchen renovation trends for 2020, so you may choose to match varying shades of grey or incorporate another colour too. Grey can look fantastic paired with white, for example, so why not opt for two-tone white and grey cabinetry in your new kitchen?

Whilst there are endless shades to choose from, you can also select varying finishes. Although painted cabinets are a popular choice in kitchens, staining can also create a stunning finish.

With the option to combine different shades and hues, as well as varying finishes, your kitchen will come to life with varying, complementing colours and textures.

Backsplashes and Wall Décor

Backsplashes are an integral part of every kitchen. Protecting your walls from splashes and stains, they help to keep your kitchen clean and tidy, but they can look great too. Instead of opting for standard tiles or plain colours, take the opportunity to stay on trend with a unique kitchen backsplash.

If you don’t require a large backsplash, you can easily turn a small area into an accent or feature wall. With retro tiles or a modern tin finish, your backsplash can become a central feature in your newly-renovated kitchen.

Stainless steel offers a great finish and is easy to install, so it’s a popular choice for backsplashes and kitchens. Giving your kitchen a modern, industrial and contemporary feel, you’ll be on-trend and stylish with this kitchen addition. Installing a stainless steel backsplash is definitely a very popular kitchen trend for 2020.

Mirrored tiles are also a fantastic option when it comes to kitchen backsplashes and they’re going to be increasingly popular throughout 2020 and beyond.

Easy to clean and highly functional, they also give a sleek, contemporary feel to any kitchen. With light-reflecting properties, they’re also an ideal choice if you want to make your kitchen feel bigger than it really is or if you want to enhance the natural light in your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting affects the ambience and functionality of any room and it’s particularly important in a kitchen environment. When you’re enjoying a meal with friends or relaxing around the kitchen table, you may want to benefit from soft, relaxing lighting choices. However, when you’re cooking, cleaning or working at the kitchen table, you’ll need to have access to relatively bright lighting.

Spotlights are a great choice for kitchen environments because they can deliver effective lighting with discreet bulbs and settings. With various surrounds to choose from, any kitchen décor can be enhanced with recessed spotlights.

Variable lighting Is The #1 Kitchen Lighting Kitchen renovation trends for 2020

Furthermore, spotlights can be wonderfully versatile, so why not choose a system which offers varying levels of brightness? Ideal for creating a bright environment when you’re busy in the kitchen and softer lighting for when it’s time to relax, you can even incorporate your kitchen lighting into a new or existing Smart home system and automate it completely!

When it comes to kitchen lighting, homeowners typically focus on ceiling and wall lights. Whilst these are a great choice, lighting doesn’t have to stop there when it comes to your kitchen renovations. If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest kitchen trends in 2020, consider additional lighting options for the heart of your home.

Innovative lighting solutions are bringing new options to the table when it comes to under-cabinet or display lights. Whilst under cabinet lighting can brighten up your workspaces, in-cabinet lighting increases functionality dramatically. With dedicated in-cabinet and in-drawer lighting options, you’ll never struggle to find anything again.

When you choose to incorporate in-drawer or in-cabinet lighting into your kitchen renovations, you won’t have to worry about turning lights off or saving electricity either. There are numerous options to choose from and many models feature automatically engagement, so they’ll turn on when you open the cabinet or drawer and turn off as soon as they’re closed.

Upgrading to in-drawer or in-cabinet lighting adds efficiency, functionality and sophistication to your kitchen, while being one of the most economical and budget-friendly kitchen renovation trends for 2020.

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