Kitchen Island or Peninsula For Your Kitchen


Kitchen Island or Peninsula For Your Kitchen

Marco Manazzone

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A Kitchen Island Addition

Have you been to kitchen island? They say once you go there, you’ll never go back! While browsing through Better Homes and Garden you’ll find many beautiful kitchens have a common design factor: they feature a kitchen island. If you have a large kitchen having a strategically placed kitchen island means work flow is improved allowing a much-improved food preparation space separate from the cooking and cleaning spaces. They look fantastic in a large kitchen and should always be included in our opinion.

Kitchen Islands Can Help a Smaller Kitchen

However, the big surprise is, that a they may actually be more useful in a smaller kitchen. Small kitchens require detailed planning to maximize space and there is no better multi use space than a small island well designed for your kitchen space. It brings a surface to the work flow that is useful for extra eating space, food preparation, and lots of extra cabinetry storage space that may not otherwise be available in your smaller kitchen.

The key to adding one to your smaller kitchen is working with our 3D design team to plan out every inch of your new kitchen to ensure that there is adequate distance between the island’s sides and other counters or appliances. We are pros at designing smaller kitchens that maximize space.

Kitchen Peninsula Alternative

Some kitchens may not have space for a kitchen island so sometimes we try to incorporate a kitchen peninsula instead. Kitchen peninsula designs are a little more compact and require less space in a design and we can usually still include an overhang for additional seating. The island placement in some designs becomes our largest hurdle. The rule of thumb is to have at least 36″ of walk space between the island and any other obstructions like walls, cabinets, fridges etc. Our 3/D design tools layout the existing or new floor-plan to scale so that we can measure those exact distances beforehand. This eliminates costly mistakes and delays.

Most Popular Kitchen Addition

The Kitchen islands probably tops the list of must haves for most homeowners in Halton Region interested in renovating their kitchen. There are a wide range of styles, shapes and even uses that they can be designed with. Some kitchen islands are added for extra working space, eating space or storage space. Of course, these are valuable assets to any kitchen. However, many kitchen islands take it to the next level by adding fixtures and appliances such as sinks and cooking tops making the island a full blown washing, preparation, and cooking space.

Work with Our 3D Designers

Work with our professional designers and 3D design program to plan the perfect kitchen island space and features for your dream kitchen. We take in every consideration including the island’s height depending on use. If you are choosing an island that will be a food preparation area, a slightly lower height provides the ability to create more down force when cutting meat or kneading dough for example. We will suggest the correct overhang to accommodate chairs if choosing a design for eating. We have the ability to design and install the custom venting required if you will include a cooktop in your new kitchen island.

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