How much to Renovate a Bathroom in Ontario in 2024?


How much to Renovate a Bathroom in Ontario in 2024?

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How much to Renovate a Bathroom in Ontario?

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom but not sure how much it will cost? One of the common questions we get at Zzone Homes is how much to renovate a bathroom in Ontario? The reality is, in Ontario, the cost of a typical bathroom renovation can range from $25,000 to $35,000. However, the actual cost will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your bathroom, the type of materials you choose, and whether you hire a professional contractor or do the work yourself. To gain a clearer understanding of the costs associated with a bathroom renovation in Hamilton and across Ontario, continue reading!

Bathroom Renovation Costs Ontario


What is a Bathroom Renovation?

A bathroom renovation can be an fun and exciting project, but it can also involve some major decisions and a lot of preparation. Renovating the bathroom allows you to create a truly unique space that is perfect for you, whether you’re looking for more storage or an extra luxurious spa experience in your own home.

You’ll need to decide what kind of design style you want, what materials will be most suitable for your budget, and how you plan to update the plumbing, fixtures and lighting. Plus, there may be other exterior elements like windows and doors that need to be addressed. All of these things come together to create a beautiful and functional finished product that will provide years of enjoyment.

How Much to Renovate a Bathroom in Ontario?

Renovating a bathroom can be an exciting and rewarding process, particularly if it’s done right. In Ontario, the amount you’ll have to spend will depend on the scope of the project, from simply freshening up the space with new paint and fixtures, to completely gutting and transforming it into something brand new.

For the most part however, a bathroom renovation in Ontario on average costs between $25,000-$35,000. Of course there’s plenty of room for customizing and adapting the renovation plan depending on one’s budget. With some careful planning and smart decision-making, it’s always possible to design your dream bathroom without breaking the bank.


What are the most affordable parts of a bathroom renovation?

A bathroom renovation doesn’t have to break the bank. The most affordable parts include replacing your cabinet hardware, painting the walls, updating fixtures and adding decorative elements like mirrors and towels. To save more money, repurpose what you already have by simply giving surfaces a facelift with new grout or replacing rugs and shower curtains.

If you’re feeling handy, some of the least expensive remodeling activities involve DIY such as changing out light fixtures and handles for cabinets. Investing in a few select accents can turn your bathroom into a showstopper without spending too much money.


Bathroom Tilling Costs

What are the most expensive parts of a bathroom renovation?

Going through a bathroom renovation can be a daunting task, especially given all the items that need to be sourced and accounted for. It’s no surprise, then, that some of the components involved can get rather costly. From purchasing an entirely new vanity to replacing outdated fixtures and getting luxurious tile installed, these all make up what are some of the most expensive parts of a bathroom renovation.

Additionally, even if you opt for low-cost alternatives for certain components, it’s easy to find yourself spending more money than expected in order to bring your vision of a dream bathroom to life. With that said here’s, an estimated breakdown for each component in a bathroom renovation:

TaskAverage Cost (Low)Average Cost (High)
Cabinetry Hardware$200$2,500
Fixtures$5 per sq ft$25 per sq ft
Countertops$25 per sq ft$100 per sq ft
Flooring$3 per sq ft$20 per sq ft
Walls Ceiling$15 per sq ft$50 per sq ft

Cabinetry Hardware:

Cabinetry hardware is a key component of any bathroom renovation. Depending on the style, size and material you choose, new hardware can set you back anywhere from $200 to $10,500 or more.


Whether it’s used for the floors or walls, tile is another major expense in a bathroom renovation. It comes in a wide range of styles and materials, from ceramic to stone. Costs can range anywhere from $5 per square foot to over $25 per square foot for luxury materials.


Countertops can range anywhere from $25 per square foot to over $100. If you’re looking for a luxurious look and feel, investing in marble or granite countertops is your best bet.


The flooring of your bathroom will make or break the entire look and feel. Hardwood floors can add natural warmth to any space, while laminate is a great alternative for those who are looking for something more affordable. Flooring options cost anywhere from $3 per square foot to over $20 depending on the material.

Walls Ceiling:

The walls and ceiling of your bathroom will ultimately contribute to the overall look and feel. Whether you opt for a bold, eye-catching paint color or choose to tile it with luxurious materials, costs can range anywhere from $15 per square foot to over $50.


Faucets are another important part of any bathroom renovation. From simple single-handle models to more advanced ones, faucets can range anywhere from $50 to over $1,000 depending on the style and finishes you choose.


Proper lighting is essential for any bathroom makeover. Depending on the type of lights you get, costs could range anywhere from $25 to over $250.


No bathroom makeover is complete without the right decor. From adding a few accent pieces to completely refurnishing your space, costs can range anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars depending on your taste and budget.

Understanding the Cost of Bathroom Renovations in Ontario

The variation in bathroom renovation costs can be attributed to a multitude of factors. Think of it like ordering pizza; your total bill depends not only on what toppings you choose, but also size, type of crust, whether you want delivery, and which shop you choose. In this case, ‘toppings’ include design style, materials used for renovation such as drywalls or tiles, plumbing updates, and fixtures like faucets or showerheads.

All these choices will have a significant impact on your final cost.

Material Choices and Their Impact on Renovation Costs

Your choice of materials can significantly influence the overall budget of your bathroom renovation. While Ceramic Tiles are an economical and robust option, available in a myriad of designs, they may not exude the same opulent feel as their natural counterparts. Natural Stone, such as marble or slate, indeed adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness to any bathroom. However, this elegance comes with a larger price tag, not just in terms of initial costs, but also considering the long-term maintenance. These natural materials require regular sealing to prevent water damage and staining.

On the other hand, Porcelain Tiles could be a wise choice for those seeking a balance between luxury and practicality. Porcelain Tiles are less porous, more durable, and offer a similar upscale look without the extensive maintenance regime that natural stone demands. They come in a wide range of finishes and can mimic the appearance of natural stone, providing an elegant aesthetic at a more cost-effective price point. The key lies in selecting a material that harmonizes style, durability, and affordability for your renovation project.

Plumbing Updates

Redesigning the layout of your bathroom can markedly elevate the cost of renovation; however, strategic design and meticulous planning are fundamental in enhancing the space’s functionality and visual appeal. The incorporation of new windows is central to this transformation, affecting natural lighting and ventilation. The cost implications of such changes depend on factors like the window’s size, frame material, and the type of glass used. Although vinyl frames present an economical and low-maintenance option, energy-efficient windows, though more costly upfront, can lead to long-term savings on energy expenses.

In tandem with window selection, plumbing updates stand as a pivotal aspect of bathroom renovations, imperative for optimal functionality and durability. In Ontario, it’s common for homeowners to invest 10-15% of their total renovation budget into plumbing, covering materials and labor from certified plumbers and potentially including the cost of permits for extensive modifications. The intricacies involved in reconfiguring the bathroom layout, such as moving fixtures, can further drive up these costs. Therefore, a well-thought-out plan that carefully considers these variables is crucial for a successful and cost-effective bathroom renovation.


When planning a bathroom renovation, lighting should be at the forefront of your design considerations, not just for its functional value but also for the significant impact it has on the room’s ambiance and perceived spaciousness. A well-lit bathroom requires a combination of task, accent, and ambient lighting. Task lighting is crucial around the vanity and mirror areas to ensure clear visibility for grooming. Accent lighting can be used to highlight architectural features or decor, while ambient lighting provides the overall illumination of the space. Costs can vary widely based on the choice of fixtures, installation complexity, and whether the layout requires electrical updates. LED fixtures are a popular choice for their energy efficiency and longevity, potentially offering savings in the long run. Dimmer switches, a relatively low-cost addition, can add versatility to lighting, allowing you to adjust the mood as needed. Always consider consulting with a professional to ensure that all lighting is properly rated for bathroom use and meets any required building codes.


Incorporating new windows is a pivotal aspect of bathroom renovations, often overlooked but essential for both natural lighting and ventilation. The choice of windows can dramatically transform the space, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Options range from frosted or textured glass for privacy to operable skylights for additional light and air circulation. The costs will fluctuate depending on the window size, frame material, and the type of glass selected. Vinyl frames offer durability and lower maintenance at a moderate price point, while wood frames might provide a more classic look but at a higher cost and with more upkeep. Energy-efficient glazing, such as low-E coated windows, although pricier upfront, can reduce energy bills by minimizing heat loss. It’s also important to consider local climate and the bathroom’s orientation when choosing windows to ensure both comfort and energy efficiency. Professional installation is recommended to guarantee a watertight fit and to maintain the warranty, which can influence overall renovation expenses.

Design Style

Your design choices also play a big part in the cost of your bathroom renovation. For example, if you lean towards a minimalist style, you might spend less because this approach often requires fewer materials.

But, let’s say you fancy more elaborate styles like Victorian or Baroque. These require intricate detailing and higher-end materials which can influence the price tag.

To help guide your decisions, it can be helpful to explore various bathroom designs others have created.

The Role of Professional Services

Proper planning is the cornerstone of any successful bathroom renovation, and this can’t be understated. It involves meticulous design of the space and a carefully considered budget to avoid any unforeseen costs down the line. Companies like Zzone Homes Inc and their Launch Design Team exemplify the significance of this stage. By taking the time to thoroughly design not only the physical space but also the financial roadmap, they lay a foundation for a smooth renovation process.

Professional services are instrumental in this planning phase and are worth their weight in gold when it comes to managing bathroom renovation costs. Seasoned contractors and designers like those at Zzone Homes Inc possess a wealth of experience and skills that ensure exceptional quality and efficiency.

A professional contractor navigates the complexities of renovation, from plumbing overhauls to the precise installation of fixtures, mitigating expensive errors and steering the project to a timely conclusion. Bathroom designers breathe life into your concept, leveraging their knowledge of design trends and material options to forge a bathroom that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also supremely functional.

By engaging with these experts, you’re investing in the value of your home and the assurance of a renovation that is well-designed, budget-conscious, and expertly executed.

Conclusion – How Much to Renovate a Bathroom in Ontario

Overall, the cost of a bathroom renovation will vary greatly depending on the components you choose. It’s important to set a budget for yourself and determine which elements are the most important to you. That way, you can make sure that your renovation goes as smoothly as possible without breaking the bank.

All in all, if you reside within Hamilton, consider checking out our Bathroom Renovations Hamilton Services. You can also contact us today to book a discovery call or checkout our Google Reviews by clicking here.

Happy renovating!

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