Hamilton Ontario Basement Renovation Project


Hamilton Ontario Basement Renovation Project

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Basement Renovation Hamilton Ontario

In this post, we are going to be examining a Hamilton Ontario basement renovation project we took on for new clients. We are going to take a comprehensive look at how we assisted the client from the start to the very end of the project. This was a full basement renovation.

This project was fairly recent, and one of the most enjoyable projects we have had the pleasure of working on.

The Project Brief

As with all of our projects, we had to put the basement through rigorous testing and auditing, and for this Hamilton basement renovation project, it was more challenging than most.

In this instance, the basement was completely unfinished, so this means the checks we had to perform were more in-depth than usual. Before any work could begin, the team had to carry out thorough tests for any presence of moisture or cracks in the foundations before any work could be carried out.

The basement that was part of the project was sizable, and the client had requested extra living space, a two-piece bathroom, storage mechanical room, wet bar area, and to finish an indoor custom hockey rink for the young ones.

The client had a clear vision of what they wanted from the project, and they were aware of the potential of the space. Before we could begin even to attempt to put the client’s vision into place, we had to ensure the basement could undergo such a transformation and get to laying the foundations.

Project Budget: $65,000

Project location: Hamilton, Ontario

Project Preparations

As you may be aware, with a full basement renovation project requires an in-depth inspection before the basement can undergo any strenuous work. When our team inspects the basement, we check for foundation crack and also signs of moisture and rot.

In this instance, we were very lucky and came across very little that could deter the progress of the project, and the moment we discovered that we could go ahead with the project, we went ahead and started insulated and sealing any basement piping.

Then It Was Time For The Fun Stuff

To suit the family’s request for additional living space, the first part of the project we took on was adding a living entertainment area. The area was designed to give the family time to enjoy a little downtime together, and we added a magical finishing touch that really set this Hamilton Ontario basement renovation off.

The finishing touch was a corner stone electric fireplace with a stunning wooden mantle. While the addition of this was simple, it really helped to set the entertainment living area off, and it gave the whole area a den-like feel.

Close to the entertainment area was the area for mum and dad only, that was the addition of the wet bar area. Seeing both the entertainment area and the wet bar seated atop of the engineered hardwood flooring really set the entire basement off, and it was slowly becoming one of our favorite projects.

As briefly mentioned early, the family also requested a two-piece bathroom. The bathroom was an addition more about function over everything else, as is the case with most two-piece bathrooms.

The final part of the basement renovation project was the pièce de résistance, which was, of course, the custom indoor hockey rink. The rink was requested to give the young ones a safe place to practice that is not only enclosed, but it can also be utilized at any time of year.

The Final Result For Our Hamilton Ontario Basement Renovation Project

As you can imagine, taking a completely unfinished basement and creating an entertainment area, bar, bathroom, and hockey rink was quite the challenge, but nevertheless, a challenge we embraced fully. By the way it is not as unusual as you may think for a typical Hamilton Ontario basement renovation to have a request for a hockey rink area be built!

We took a dormant and unused area and gave the family a brand new floor for their home. As you may be able to imagine, the clients were delighted that we managed to design and produce their vision to their exact specifications.

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