Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops


Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

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Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops Are Stunning

Does anything else really say this is a working kitchen with a skilled chef like a butcher block kitchen countertops? Perhaps not. It screams we cook in this kitchen; we prepare food here! There seems to be just a little extra sprinkling of kitchen pride among those homeowners that have quality butcher block countertops in their kitchen. And we supply and install a lot of them. There are two ways most homeowners go when choosing a kitchen renovation with butcher block countertops.

The first way is using butcher block wood counters as more of an addition or accent while maintaining the main countertop material as quartz, granite, or marble. For those homeowners who are worried about maintaining and cleaning wooden countertops this is the way to go. Even though today’s modern finishes and sealants offer superb sanitation and easy cleanup it brings peace of mind while still providing a very upscale working kitchen presentation.

All In With Butcher Block Countertops

For those less fearful, a full butcher block countertop is the preferred look. Thick walnut butcher block counters look stunning and can be finished in either a satin finish or a very glossy epoxy finish for two very different looks. Of course, the type of wood, usually walnut, cherry, or oak, and their natural colouring, offer unrivaled beauty. Choosing a quality wood stain provides the ability to match any kitchen look imaginable, resulting in a very upscale kitchen. Whichever wood is chosen, it is always desirable that it be a hardwood to help fight off dings from dropped objects.

Maintaining Butcher Block Kitchen Counters

When choosing wood counters, it is very important that professionals with experience working with butcher block kitchen countertops seal the wood with special sealants that ensure the countertops remain germ free and can withstand years of abuse. If properly sealed maintenance and cleaning is a minor chore that is not much different from maintaining typical porous stone countertops like marble or granite (quartz is much less porous than either if you want low maintenance). Much as you would seal marble yearly you should apply an oil / sealant to your butcher block countertops regularly as part of your kitchen maintenance program. This keeps them germ free and looking fabulous for years.

Countertops Are Not Cutting Boards

Don’t use your new butcher block countertop as a cutting board; get an actual cutting board and stain it to match if desired. Just like granite or marble countertops we do not recommend cutting directly on the countertop surface. Doing this can cause premature wear and tear on your kitchen counters. Professional installation of butcher block countertops requires steps that we always adhere to such as installing diffusion / humidity barriers between your countertop and your dishwasher so that the wooden counters do not warp from excessive humidity.

Our professional kitchen designers will work directly with you using 3D software and they have the expertise to work with any materials chosen in a manner that will result in a professional kitchen renovation that will serve you and your family for a lifetime. We understand the detailed requirements of each material that goes into your kitchen and how to protect it to ensure a beautiful and durable kitchen that will serve your family for decades. We can even custom design them to match your new cabinets from our sister company!

Learn about all our kitchen renovation skills! Hope your happy about this article Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops.

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