Bathroom Trends 2019 | Here’s What’s Hot!


Bathroom Trends 2019 | Here’s What’s Hot!

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New Bathroom Trends 2019

Bathrooms upgrades continues to be one of the first major investments homeowners make to improve their home comfort and lifestyle while increasing the value of their home. Every family member uses a bathroom, so the lifestyle improvement is experienced by the entire family. Because of this, it is also one of the best investment returns when renovating your home. There are some trends well worth watching and some will turn out to just be fads. To help you make the best decisions on what will add real value to your home and lifestyle, here are our views on bathroom trends 2019 that are worth pursuing. This article will be updated throughout the year as new trends emerge.

Let’s look at some of the better bathroom upgrades trending right now.

Floating Vanities

Floating bathroom vanities have been surging for a while now and are no longer just in ultra modern environments, in fact they are a major bathroom trends 2019. They have clearly crossed into all Vanity styles and are seen as a must have in today’s modern bathroom renovation. We are seeing beautiful natural woods that make a warm and inviting statement while creating a super clean bathroom look and environment. Did I mention they making bathroom cleaning a breeze? We think this look is a keeper.

Rounded Edge Mirrors & Capsule Mirrors

Vanity mirrors are one of the first things you see when walking into most bathroom. The long rectangle has had its day; today’s more modern shapes are showing up with looks such as rounded mirrors that bring a more modern and custom touch. We often see dual rounded mirrors together. Rounded edges are a thing today with mirrors, glass, and even the screens on the newest iPad Pros! It is a look that changes one’s perspective as soon as you enter the bathroom. This style is very much a bathroom trends 2019 and another keeper.

Floating Toilets A Bathroom Trend with Staying Power

Floating toiled are the ones that started the floating trend, and if you have gone with floating vanities then this is a natural for your new bathroom design. Sleek, space saving, and a big benefit is that it is very easy to clean the toilet area. Floating toilets offer a very luxurious presentation, this is a trend that is growing and not going to disappear any time soon. It is a great investment in your beautiful bathroom. Cleaning around the bottom and sides of a floor toilet has never been a pleasant job, with a floating toilet it is now a simple damp mop experience. Say yes to good looks and easy maintenance, this is a definite keeper.

Side Mounted Faucets

Side mounted faucets bring a new look to the bathroom sink and countertops, but I have to say we don’t see the advantage other than just a new look. Side space is usually more valuable on a bathroom vanity that the space behind the sink. This provides an unusual and even a very attractive look, but we feel it is being different for the sake of being different. Not a keeper, a bathroom trend that may be a short-lived fad.

Wall Mounted Faucets a Bathroom Trend We Love

Now here is a new faucet trick we genuinely like and see an advantage to. When cleaning the bathroom vanity and sink area what is the most difficult area? Well, of course it is around the tap and faucet mounting area on the sink which can get dirty with soap scum leaving moldy water rings.

Wall mounted faucets and taps that come out of the wall leave a smooth sink surface devoid of standing scum and easy to clean with a simple wipe of a sponge. The look is ultra clean, ultra modern and sophisticated. Wall mounted faucets are just as secure as shower mounted faucets while bringing a whole new dimension to what a bathroom sink should look like. This look is beautiful, eliminates maintenance chores, and adds a little more space to your vanity top. We call this one a positive bathroom trend and a huge keeper!

Floor to Ceiling Shower Glass

Here is one that has been growing for a couple years and is now full-blown high demand bathroom trend everywhere. Floor to ceiling glass showers. If you are building a custom bathroom then your really must do it. This super clean shower design and look is dramatic, and it opens up the perceived size of the bathroom incredibly. Nothing else you can do to a shower comes close to this design statement if renovating your bathroom from scratch. This is a major design win and highly recommended for your new bathroom in 2019.

Back in Black

You read it hear, black is back in bathrooms for 2019. Monochrome colours have been big for a few years, and they are still a great choice, but black is returning big time, especially as a compliment to white such as black faucets, plumbing, trim and vanities combined with white marble slabs, shower walls and flooring. There is an elegance with black and white that is hard to beat, it simultaneously looks modern, super clean yet formal. We think black bathrooms or bathrooms with extensive black accents are a winning combination that will provide a truly timeless look for any bathroom reno. We call it a winner in 2019.

Copper, Brass, & Gold

You know what else is returning in bathroom trends 2019? Copper. Brass. Gold. Warm tones, comforting and inviting. Walking into this bathroom every morning encourages an easy start to the day. Entering at the end of a day before bed provides a calming & relaxing environment. This look is making a big comeback; is this a sign we are all too stressed and busy?

Trim, plumbing fixtures, mirror frames, shower fixtures in gold or brass and even large copper bathtubs are turning up everywhere, often in lock step with antique looks that complete a vintage bathroom redesign. The vintage look never goes out of style and with the right selection of tile and vanity this look can be a design statement that can help drive and inspire the look for the rest of your home. We think you need the right surroundings for this look, but if you have it, then we are big fans of this look.

Bathrooms Trends 2019 Embrace Industrial Design

Wood and metal are in this year and with those two materials comes one of the hottest bathroom trends 2019 of industrial design. This is especially suitable for a small washroom or guest powder room. Industrial design with modern wood and metal finishes to compliment more traditional industrial materials like enamel sinks bring a fresh creative look to a small space. Avoid complex pieces and concentrate on more efficient minimalistic designs to add visual space to the bathroom.

Metals in gold or brass as well as stainless steel combined with a square bottom industrial enamel sink with exposed plumbing and distressed wood accessories or shelving can make a dramatic change to an otherwise uneventful guest powder room.

Another Bathroom Trend Is Wood

Today wood swings both ways with an ultra clean and modern look or distressed and industrial presentation. Either way wood is making a dramatic comeback in bathroom trends 2019. Whether as a pedestal, shelving or vanity no one can miss the visual impact of a large natural wood piece upon entering a bathroom. The beauty of wood is a solid base that you can design your bathroom around. Nordic influenced floating dresser style vanities in a larger bathroom add warmth. Wood accessories in smaller hallway bathrooms such as a sitting bench or medicine cabinet add style to small spaces,

Big Is Big This Year!

Big is in for bathroom trends 2019 if you have the space. Large bathrooms featuring freestanding tubs and large open showers built for two are favorites in large spaces. If you have a large bathroom then go for it in a big way with oversized everything and electric under tile heated flooring. There is nothing quite like stepping out of an open shower and being greeted with warm flooring underfoot as you make your way to the vanity mirror. Bathroom expenditures are up this year and this is where home investment funds are going in Bathrooms for 2019.

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