Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2020


Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2020

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2020 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Your bathroom is so much more than the room in which you get clean and theses unique bathroom renovation ideas for 2020 will attest to that. It’s the place you go for a little “you time”. It’s a space you use to relax and soak in the tub after a long hard day. It’s where you shake away the cobwebs after a good nights sleep and prepare yourself for the day. It’s time for Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2020.

With this in mind, your bathroom shouldn’t just be clean and comfortable… it should be inspiring. Its aesthetic and functional beauty should help you to start and end every day on the most positive note.

If your bathroom isn’t doing that at present, maybe it needs a little extra TLC. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some of the most exciting and aesthetically stunning bathroom renovation ideas of 2020. We hope you take some inspiration from them. CMHC has some free advice on financing.

Turn Up The Contrast!

Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2020 comes with high contrast design aesthetics  and are all the rage as we make our way into the next decade. Think wallpaper with designs that make use of stark colour contrasts or large mirrors in small bathrooms and powder rooms. Be bold and experiment with contrasting colors, textures and materials for a look that’s bold and visually arresting.

Although emerging desire trends favour neutral colour palettes, you can still play with visual contrasts such as brass bath fittings against grey marble tiles or the natural hues of hardwood flooring with brilliant white wall paint. As you can see the bathroom renovation trend for 2020 is all about embracing creativity.

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are most certainly in this year, and while their aesthetic benefits speak for themselves, they also represent some practical benefits, too. Because larger tiles take up more surface area, there’s less space on your walls taken up by grouting.

This means that molds and fungi that can grow in warm, damp bathroom conditions have less space in which to grow.

This makes your bathroom much lower maintenance and ensures a nice clean look all year round.

Full Glass Shower Enclosures A 2020 Bathroom Trend

If there’s an underlying theme to the 2020 bathroom trend it’s boldness! And what could be bolder than a large, full glass shower enclosure? While it has the capacity to dwarf some smaller bathrooms it can add an opulent touch to a larger bathroom space, especially when complemented by a minimalist, open plan layout.

Exposed shower plumbing is also an increasingly popular design trend that adds a sense of spartan industrial chic to your aesthetic.

Stand Alone Soaker Tubs

If you have the space to spare, nothing says chic like a giant stand alone tub in which you can soak away the stress of the day. In terms of the tub itself, art deco-inspired designs are very much en-vogue and can add a touch of timeless class to your bathroom which will help tie virtually any aesthetic together.

Back In Black: Bathroom Design For 2020

Feel like going really bold in  bathroom design for 2020? All black bathrooms are becoming increasingly en-vogue. Complementing black marble bathroom furniture with black wallpaper and chrome taps and fittings makes for an indulgent yet elegant bathroom aesthetic. However, because black can rob a room of its sense of space, this might be best suited to powder rooms or smaller bathrooms.

Make A Statement With Accent Aalls

Although minimalism and subtle hues of colour are virtually always a good for bathroom aesthetics, don’t be afraid to indulge your wanton side by making some bold statements. If you’re unsure of an evergreen way in which to do this, you might want to try an accent wall that uses wallpaper, tile or barnboard to draw the eye and unify your bathroom’s look.

Concrete Truths

A bold look doesn’t necessarily have to be ostentatious or splashy (pun intended). If your tastes veer more towards the spartan and utilitarian, you can make a bold statement without betraying your sensibilities.

Indeed, covering your walls and / or flooring in polished concrete (or an impermeable mineral skin equivalent) can lend your bathroom a more minimalist charm which draws attention to other materials and finishes in the room and makes even modest furniture and accessories look bolder. Steel, resin and porcelain are all nice materials for complementing this kind of look.

This is really emerging as one of the hottest bathroom renovation ideas of 2020 and requires some professional planning but may be the number one in-demand look in the coming year!

Statement Art

The art you choose to hang on your wall says a lot about you, your tastes and your unique sensibilities… so why not hang art on your bathroom walls? It serves as a beautiful focal point and gives you something pretty to look at while you soak in the tub while also making a big impression on your guests.

With these bathroom renovation ideas, you’ll breathe new life into your bathroom and take a bold step into the next decade!

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