5 Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid


5 Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Marco Manazzone

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Home renovation is no easy task, and if you’re taking it on yourself (or some of it) or even trying to manage designers, architects, and contractors as well as tackle your busy day to day life, then it can be extremely stressful. However, you want your dream home, so you know that the project will all be worth it in the end.

Besides, one of the most rewarding investments you can make is in your home. If one or more of these statements ring true to you and you want your next home renovation process to go as smooth as possible. Then here are some common home renovation mistakes that you can try to avoid to help make your project a successful one.

Rushing the project

While you want to get everything done as fast as possible, you need to be realistic. Avoid one of the most common home renovation mistakes of all by investing some of your time. Forget those home improvements shows where they transform a house in 24 hours; in reality, it’s going to take a lot longer than that, and so it should. This is your home; it’s where you live, so you want to make sure it is done correctly and efficiently, taking the time to research, organize, plan and review is key.

It’s always best if you allowed time to plan, to go through each step thoroughly, and to address the unexpected. If you’re working with different professionals such as an architect, a kitchen designer, a contractor, or a decorator, then it’s a good idea to get them all together as early as you can. This way, everyone knows the long-term goal and vision, and you can eliminate any potential risk of issues or problems during the build stage process. Finding a company that offers all of these trades and services in-house can be a huge advantage, for example, Zzone Homes delivers a turn-key solution to interior home renovations.

This automatically places the homeowner in front of a full team that’s ready to make your renovation dreams come to life. Companies like Zzone Homes should have a design and build process already set in place to help the client stay on track while building the foundation of the project. Layout, design, budget and schedule are all equally important, when any one of these important details are rushed in the planning stage it can be detrimental to the overall renovation experience.

Pro Tip: Ask your builder or home remodeler about their process. You will be surprised to hear the differences between each company!

Ignoring your gut

When you’re looking for professionals to carry out your home renovations for you, such as the contractors or remodelers, make sure that you choose them carefully. Research, read reviews and interview at least 3 or 4  different companies for the project. In doing so you will get a full picture of who is available in your area and what they have to offer. It’s also a good idea to ask them if they have completed any similar projects in the area.

A reputable home renovation company should have dozens of more than happy clients that would love to share their experience with you.  Some may even invite you to their home for a project walkthrough to show off their new space. However, don’t just hire off of recommendations; you must meet every potential pro that’s in the running for your project before you hire them, and if you have a bad feeling about someone, trust it! First impressions are everything.

Most home renovation mistakes can often be traced right back to that initial gut feeling you had in the beginning that something wasn’t quite right. Again, this is an important project, and it’s not worth the risk. You don’t want to put your home in the hands of just anyone. So, go with your gut and make sure you are happy with the professional you choose. If you’re looking for more of a turnkey solution, then Zzone Homes is the company for you. Our unique approach to home renovation delivers all the trades, designers and renovation experts that you will need for any home renovation employed in-house under one roof.

Pro Tip: Remember, measure twice! Cut once!

Avoid home renovation mistakes by ensuring good communications

Throughout the whole project, from the planning stages to the finishing touches, excellent communication is essential. It’s not just from you, and either, there needs to be good communication between you and your renovation contractor, between the trades themselves and between you and your family or anyone else who lives in the house.

At Zzone Homes we pay a lot of attention to this. Every project is equipped with 2 dedicated project managers that work as a team to ensure that even the smallest details aren’t missed. Home renovation mistakes due to lack of communication or misunderstandings can be difficult to correct, make sure things are clear from the start! We are trained to keep our clients up to date daily with updates, changes and scheduling.

Pro Tip: Trust the Pro’s that have the experience

Thinking you know best

Remember that you are not the expert here, and while you know what you want in your mind, you have to listen to the experts when they say that certain things can’t be done or will have to be done differently. Make sure you talk to them before you go ahead and buy light fixtures or tiles online because you’ve seen a good deal.

Your contractor has the knowledge and experience, so if they advise you, that isn’t the best way to go, then listen to them to avoid home renovation mistakes that will end up costing you more rather than saving on a deal. Just because something looks nice doesn’t mean that it will perform well in your design or layout.

Avoid home renovation mistakes by budgeting a little extra

Always be prepared for unexpected job costs. Even the most experienced renovation professionals won’t be able to guarantee that there will be no additional costs added to your project budget. Surprises happen to the best of us. Here at Zzone Homes Inc, we will always recommend that our clients carry a contingency fund. The contingency percentage range will depend on the size and details of each project.

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