3D Design Basement Project in Grimsby, Ontario


3D Design Basement Project in Grimsby, Ontario

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3D Design Basement Project Overview

At Zzone Homes, we like to take a closer look at the projects we have completed and how we did it. This time, instead of looking at a design project we have already finished, we’re going to go over one of the first steps of an ongoing project for a 3D design basement project in Grimsby, Ontario

With this basement finishing design project in Grimsby, Ontario, we have utilized our advanced 3D design basement visualization software to make the design and planning phases much more efficient. Here’s how the project went with the help of our new technology.

This is yet another project that we are undertaking in Grimsby, Ontario (Hamilton area)

Auditing the site

With all of our basement renovation projects, we must first complete our complimentary on-site layout audit and project discovery. We went through the basement with the clients, looking at the layout, testing for moisture and rot issues, and inspecting for water damage. We also tested the structural integrity of floor joists and header joists, and the effectiveness of all the ventilation systems already in place. This audit helps us learn which steps are necessary to finish a basement and make it liveable. It also helps us put together the measurements and floor plan of the space available.

Using our 3D digital design center to bring the layout to life

With the wants and needs of our clients in mind and the measurements and floor plan of the basement at the ready, we came back to our state-of-the-art digital design center. Here, we were able to work on a photo-realistic 3D design, which we could update and modify with their design wants and needs. With this, we completed a proposed layout to help our clients see what their new basement could look like with an easy-to-understand digital drawing.

Finalizing the layout of the design

Once we had the plan completed, we were ready to work with our clients in finalizing the various details of the 3D design. The digital drawing is designed to be much easier to update than traditional project plans, as well as to offer previews of any visual updates. As such, with the clients in our digital design center, we could adjust the design in real-time to ensure they were satisfied with the layout. We took them through a digital walkthrough of the plans as they were, and all they had to do was call out any changes they wanted to make, and we could adapt the project to their needs right there on the spot.

On to the fun stuff

With the finalized design plans for the layout confirmed by our clients, then we moved on to the interior design portion of the project. At our showroom, we have a vast selection of different products and designs we’re able to go through, with options suited for any style.

As such, our Grimsby, Ontario clients were able to pick out all of the products they wanted for their basement project, including their hardwood flooring, cabinetry, tile, paint color, doors, trim molding style, and even their fireplace unit. Once they had selected their preferred product, we were able to add them into the 3D design real-time, so they could see precisely what their newly finished basement would look like with the products they had in mind.

This real-time design preview made it much easier for them to make sure that our clients were selecting products that suited not just their style, but the overall look that they were completing for the basement. As such, it saved them the money that comes with changing their mind, and saved us the time of having to prepare multiple different designs for them.

The 3D design basement finalized, the project is now underway

Our use of Zzone Homes’ new 3D visualization software in this Grimsby, Ontario project proved to us the benefits of mixing modern software with our traditional design expertise. We were able to update designs to the clients’ expectations on the fly and show them how their finished basement would look with the designs they chose as and when they chose them.

We’re now ready to begin with the project. The clients already know what it’s going to look like, and our team has a full set of detailed drawings to work with. Having confirmed all their choices in advance, the process of installing it all is going to be much smoother. Furthermore, our in-house trades can fly through the steps of the project with no room for error. With this new 3D visualization software, we will be able to offer the same attention to detail and thorough planning for all our clients.

Take a look at some of the 3D design basement renderings for this project!

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