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Project Sulphur Bernacci

Ancaster Ontario

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Project Sulphur Springs Bernacci: An Award-Winning Main Floor Renovation by Zzone Homes Inc. | Portfolio

Project Sulphur Springs Bernacci: An Iconic Transformation by Zzone Homes Inc.

Welcome to our project showcase for the award-winning ‘Sulphur Springs Bernacci’ main floor renovation. A harmonious blend of intricate design, innovative concepts, and bespoke elements, this project stands as a testament to the capabilities of the Zzone Homes Inc. team.

Before & After: Witness the Transformation

In the before images, you’ll glimpse the potential that our skilled team recognized in the original space. And in the after photos, marvel at the fruition of our vision: a captivating and functional space that breathes life and warmth into the home.

The Team Behind The Masterpiece

This project was a meeting of the minds between Marco Manazzone, our accomplished general contractor, and Sonya Gilmour, a top interior designer. Their collaboration resulted in a seamless blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal, setting a new standard in home renovation design.

An Array of Custom Creations

Central to the transformation is the bespoke open riser staircase, a visual delight that adds a distinct character to the space. The masterpiece, however, is the custom kitchen by Sharp Cabinetry, a symphony of style, functionality, and finesse. Its design and craftsmanship bear witness to the dedication and skill of our team.

The Warmth of Details

Beyond the grand elements, it’s the small details that give this space its warmth. The custom fireplace enclosure offers a cozy centerpiece, while the tasteful barn board accents infuse a touch of rustic charm into the modern design.

Complete Home Renovation & Load Bearing Wall Removal

Our expertise is not confined to cosmetic changes. As part of this project, we undertook load-bearing wall removal, a complex task that requires a deep understanding of structural integrity. Our team’s proficiency ensured a seamless transition to an open floor layout, enhancing spatial flow while maintaining the home’s stability.

3D Design for Future Renovations

At Zzone Homes Inc., we’re not just about turning the old into new, but also crafting visions for the future. Our state-of-the-art 3D design services allow our clients to envision their dream spaces before they come to life, creating a roadmap for renovations that align perfectly with their desires and expectations.

Experience the magic of complete home renovation with Zzone Homes Inc., where we transform houses into homes, and dreams into reality.

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