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Project Sandy

Stoney Creek Ontario

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Project Sandy: A Complete Transformation by Zzone Homes Inc.

Project Sandy: A Complete Transformation of a Stoney Creek Back Split Home by Zzone Homes Inc.

Welcome to our detailed showcase for the groundbreaking ‘Project Sandy,’ a complete stair remodel and main floor renovation, boasting new open concept design, in Stoney Creek’s back split home. With unique touches like the Speak easy room, large family room, and fireplace, this renovation illustrates the remarkable craftsmanship of the Zzone Homes Inc. team.

Before & After: Embrace the Complete Transformation

Within the before images, discover the hidden potential our talented team unearthed in the original space. Then, in the after photos, be astonished at how we actualized our vision: a revitalized and fully functional setting, highlighting the new open concept design on the main floor.

A Home Reimagined

Alongside the complete stair remodel, this renovation also included a complete nanny suite basement with a 3 piece bathroom, kitchen, full laundry including 2 bedrooms, and a large open concept family room. We also replaced the flooring on the 2nd floor and completed a complete bathroom remodel on the 2nd floor as well.

The Minds Behind the Masterwork

Project Sandy came to life through the combined efforts of Marco Manazzone, our esteemed general contractor, and Sonya Gilmour, a renowned interior designer. Together, they created a blend of functionality and visual splendor that sets a new standard for home renovation.

An Exhibition of Bespoke Innovations

The complete stair remodel provides a unique feature that gives the room an individual flavor. Yet the true showpiece is the custom kitchen by Sharp Cabinetry, a harmonious fusion of style, practicality, and refinement, reflecting our team’s commitment and expertise.

The Nuance of Comfort

Beyond major components, it’s the little touches that infuse this space with warmth. The personalized fireplace enclosure serves as a comforting heart, while the skillfully selected barn board accents add a rustic elegance to the contemporary scheme.

Full Home Renovation & Structural Enhancement

Our capabilities extend beyond mere aesthetic upgrades. We managed the removal of a load-bearing wall in this project, a complex process demanding in-depth knowledge of structural soundness. Our skilled team achieved an unobstructed floor layout, augmenting the space while preserving the home’s core strength.

3D Vision for Upcoming Makeovers

At Zzone Homes Inc., we not only rejuvenate the old but also forge new paths for the future. Our advanced 3D design offerings enable our clients to visualize their ultimate spaces before they materialize, forging a tailored path for renovations that align flawlessly with their dreams and goals.

Delve into the Wonder of Comprehensive Home Renovation

With Zzone Homes Inc., where we convert houses into homes, and aspirations into tangible realities, explore a world of endless possibilities, embracing the brilliance of design, innovation, and quality craftsmanship.

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